About Me and My Service to You

668803a30ae8f482c1e6355f532c033aHello, I’m Saunsea.

Throughout my early twenties I worked as a web consultant and developer for a wide range of corporations, businesses, and non-profit organizations. I fulfilled these duties as my means for making a living. I was working not because of the joy I had in providing my work to a company; rather, for the paycheck that I received for the work that I produced. I looked around and observed that this “how much can I get?” attitude was the reason for why most of us provided the work that we did. Understandably. However, I wondered if working this way would ever be fulfilling? And through deeply questioning and investigation, I came to the conclusion that I would find fulfillment by working for what I could get; rather, by offering my skills, knowledge and experience as a web designer and web developer to you – my clients – as a free gift without any expectation of what I might get in return.

I believe that building a website for you will lead to incredible opportunities, connections with people and ultimately – success. A website for you to communicate who you are and what you do with the world is one of the most powerful tools we have in our times to connect with people and share what we have to give. Whether you have a small business, a cause you are passionate about, artwork you would like to sell or share, or another idea for a project but aren’t quite sure where to begin – a website can be the first step in seeing your vision come to life.

It is my honor and joy to offer my service freely to all who would benefit from having their own website.

Please contact me with the information below or view some of my work.





133 thoughts on “About Me and My Service to You

  1. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog — truly appreciate the support! I love what you do and your mission to share it freely. I will certainly keep your info handy as I continue to figure out my next steps 🙂

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  2. Hey Jack. I read about you on your blog and I really loved it. I too have a same interest, I am a web developer and web designer and I am using my skill to do good of society. So lets collabarate and make something amazing on web that will impact the society.
    Lets talk on skype, My skype name is goyalaman078

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  3. Wow, what a blessing to see the purity of your motives, objectives and alignment with the talents and skills God has gifted you with. I would rather donate to someone like you than ever pay a miserable professional that was out of place just to make ends meet. I do have a few websites that I would like to be done, but right now is not the time for them. I will keep your contact information.

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  4. Hi Jack! I appreciate your checking out my blog. I also think it’s very neat that you offer your website building services free of charge to others. I’m sure this has made a great impact.
    Thank you again, and may you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂

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  5. WOW !
    I was a free event photographer because i beleived that somethings must just go for free because many people can’t afford them especially here in Tunisia. but It’s been a while since I saw somebody making something for free !
    Thanks for existing !

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  6. Hi Jack thank you for follow my blog! If anyone here is looking for something amazing skincare products or looking to buy something for a vday gift please let me know as we sell the best skincare prodcuts!!!!
    L:ove K


  7. Eagle Pond Farm

    October in New Hampshire means colored leaves for kicking.
    Donald kicks a few heading into town for cheese.
    He notices that the antique dealer, once again, announced
    The coming of winter by changing his sign. It now reads:
    “Driveways Plowed, Reasonable Rates.” The type of
    De-evolution Donald appreciates.

    Standard time ensures contrast, as autumn’s last bonfire
    Sends a leaf-shaped spark into the air.
    A simple way of life is free to walk around without inspection:
    So Donald does. He checks out of Najur’s General Store
    With Gouda and N.Y. Sharp Cheddar tucked away.
    He climbs up the knoll then down the driveway to the farm.
    He kicks a pinecone to the safety of the woods.
    He exhales steam that quickly disappears.
    He can almost see ice forming on the pond.


  8. Hi! Had been away for quite some time! A case of “project interrupted”. Thank you for “liking” my post – Setting the Stage for Masterpiece – since it guided me to re-visit it today. Music to my soul! A great reminder of what Say YES to Life is all about; and it’s time to get back on track! Would appreciate any feedback and comments.~Peace and Healing~nma♥


  9. Good Morning, Mr. Saunsea! (At least, I imagine it is where you are!). Thank-you for following my blog (a year or 2 ago!). Belated Christmas greetings and a timely Happy New Year! I have recently (in the past year or so) had a bad experience with a website design company, who designed a website for me which was alright, but then they decided to charge me for the following year’s fee 4 months before it was due! When I complained, they said that i could terminate my contract with them, but the cancellation charge would be…equal to what they had tried to charge me early!!

    The net result of this is that I now have my website sitting in a compressed file, which is no use to me or anybody else, and I do not know what to do with it! I have an entry on a local approved business website, and most of my clients come from personal recommendation, so it is not an urgent matter, but 1 day I will look into possibly using your service, not for nothing, I hasten to add, (nobody should do anything for nothing), although I appreciate that this is a wonderful attitude, but we all have to live!

    Anyway, it is good to have a look at this page, as I believe I contacted you on 1 of your other pages. No doubt, as it would be over a year ago now!

    Best regards,



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