Excerpt from Walking and Contemplation

“As we step out of our doors – our homes – and depart on foot without a particular path or destination in mind, we are producing an action that is in step with the wind. We are presented with a myriad of happenings around us that we didn’t plan on seeing. When a Zen master was asked “what is enlightenment?” he responded “it’s windy today.” In this answer we see that enlightenment is not different from ordinary happenings in our world. But enlightenment is truly being in tune with what is happening right now. As we walk without destination in mind the mind is free to fully engage with the what the wind is doing, what the clouds are doing, and what are our own feet our doing. This is why, I believe, walking is such an excellent and often used action one takes when one wishes to relieve stress.”

I invite you to get the ebook, Walking and Contemplation clicking here.


7 thoughts on “Excerpt from Walking and Contemplation

  1. Thank you, Jack. Its nice to meet you. I appreciate your thoughts and taking the time to share them. I am in recovery and part of that is a journey down a spiritual path. I try to read meditations every day and share what touches my heart with others. My thoughts are narrowed down to a short few sentences because I share them via phone texts with people all around, so I try to keep it to 160 characters. That’s why I have short posts. Anyway , thank you, Jack, for being part of my journey in life.


  2. Many people have reported how soothing and opening a walk can be; but, when I walk, I tend to disappear inside my own mind and maintain minimal awareness of my surroundings. Wonder why that is.


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