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How to Impress a Barista

For a few months there was a homeless man spending his days in the centre where I work. His name was Jamie, and all the locals recognised him. Sometimes customers would pay for a coffee or food for him. When this happened, my respect for that generous person went up 200%.


Cafe generousity is becoming a big thing. One example is the idea of “pending coffee”, which began in the small town of Naples over ten years ago and has since spread worldwide. The concept is simple- when purchasing a coffee for yourself, you can also pay for a coffee (or a number of coffees) in advance to be given to those who cannot afford it themselves. Those in need an come in throughout the day and ask if any coffees are pending, and if so, they receive a coffee.

This is generousity at its finest. The giver has no idea…

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Daniel Suelo Explains the Economy of Nature and More

The man who quit money from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo.

Meet Daniel Suelo. He’s been living without money for 12 years. When our paths crossed synchronistically in Moab, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to learn from this wise man. I interviewed him and found his philosophy and way of living inspiring and visionary.

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How can I get more traffic on my website?

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It’s likely one of the most common questions that people ask about their website: how can I get more people to come and see my website? How can I get more people to engage and interactive with the services, products and information I provide on my website?

The tendency might be in some cases to think of tricks or gimmicks to get people to come to your website. Many, many try these tactics, but I wonder how much success this might bring? Perhaps gimmicks may increase their numbers, but do they increase genuine interaction?

A website is like a house. You may build an awesome house that you would love for everyone in your community or town to enjoy, but if you never invite people to come, it will likely just be you who enjoys the house. Your website should be a place that people feel welcome to enter when they arrive, with opportunities for engaging with you in ways that they wouldn’t otherwise interact with you on other platforms. Certainly, there are some ways of building your online-house that can improve your search engine rankings, enabling people to find you more readily prevalent in “the phone book (Google, Bing, etc.)” and our websites are built to do that automatically based on the content of your website. But without building connections first, ranking highly on search engines is pretty much pointless.

When we invite others to visit our website, based on their experience they are likely to share it with others; letting others know that they enjoyed their experience. That is what truly builds our presence in search engine rankings as well.

So, if you would like more visitors to come to your website, think of it as your home. Think about how you might invite people to come to your home. Would you invite someone with a sales pitch, or a welcoming invitation?