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Several Restaurants Offering Halloween Freebies

CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Trick-or-treating candy might be free, but as an adult, it can be hard to score such a sweet deal on Halloween.

Enter Halloween freebies and discounts, which several spots in the Philadelphia area are offering.

Saxby’s Coffee is giving away free 12-oz Pumpkin Spice Lattes at all 30 of its locations.

Chipotle, for one, is offering costumed customers a burrito, taco, bowl or salad for $3 as part of its “Boo-rito” special. Proceeds go to the company’s Cultivate Foundation.

Similarly, Krispy Kreme is offering anyone in costume a free donut of their choice on Halloween.

At Arby’s, a specific phrase is key. Enter any location and say “trick or meat” at the counter, and you’ll be treated to free bacon on whatever you order, free of charge.

And while IHOP’s offer is one for the kids, it’s worth mentioning: Little ones 12 and under get…

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Show you have a social conscience

Keep on spreadin’

How to Impress a Barista

For a few months there was a homeless man spending his days in the centre where I work. His name was Jamie, and all the locals recognised him. Sometimes customers would pay for a coffee or food for him. When this happened, my respect for that generous person went up 200%.


Cafe generousity is becoming a big thing. One example is the idea of “pending coffee”, which began in the small town of Naples over ten years ago and has since spread worldwide. The concept is simple- when purchasing a coffee for yourself, you can also pay for a coffee (or a number of coffees) in advance to be given to those who cannot afford it themselves. Those in need an come in throughout the day and ask if any coffees are pending, and if so, they receive a coffee.

This is generousity at its finest. The giver has no idea…

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What If Money Were No Object?


Daniel Suelo Explains the Economy of Nature and More

The man who quit money from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo.

Meet Daniel Suelo. He’s been living without money for 12 years. When our paths crossed synchronistically in Moab, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to learn from this wise man. I interviewed him and found his philosophy and way of living inspiring and visionary.

For more about Daniel and his experiment of living without money, check out


New Way To Track the Progress of Projects for our Clients

free website designerI am excited to announce that at ibuildwebsitesforfree.com we have launched a new way for our clients to track the progress of the projects and websites we are working on for them.

Over the next week we will be emailing our current clients to let them know their username and password for viewing the progress of their website.

It is our intention that this will provide a simple and easy way for our clients to see the progress of their website, submit content, brainstorm ideas and have everything managed within one page.

We’re having so much fun! Do you need a website? Please feel free to contact me at saunsea@outlook.com or learn more at http://ibuildwebsitesforfree.com/


Excerpt from Walking and Contemplation

“As we step out of our doors – our homes – and depart on foot without a particular path or destination in mind, we are producing an action that is in step with the wind. We are presented with a myriad of happenings around us that we didn’t plan on seeing. When a Zen master was asked “what is enlightenment?” he responded “it’s windy today.” In this answer we see that enlightenment is not different from ordinary happenings in our world. But enlightenment is truly being in tune with what is happening right now. As we walk without destination in mind the mind is free to fully engage with the what the wind is doing, what the clouds are doing, and what are our own feet our doing. This is why, I believe, walking is such an excellent and often used action one takes when one wishes to relieve stress.”

I invite you to get the ebook, Walking and Contemplation clicking here.