About Me and My Service to You

668803a30ae8f482c1e6355f532c033aHello, I’m Saunsea.

Throughout my early twenties I worked as a web consultant and developer for a wide range of corporations, businesses, and non-profit organizations. I fulfilled these duties as my means for making a living. I was working not because of the joy I had in providing my work to a company; rather, for the paycheck that I received for the work that I produced. I looked around and observed that this “how much can I get?” attitude was the reason for why most of us provided the work that we did. Understandably. However, I wondered if working this way would ever be fulfilling? And through deeply questioning and investigation, I came to the conclusion that I would find fulfillment by working for what I could get; rather, by offering my skills, knowledge and experience as a web designer and web developer to you – my clients – as a free gift without any expectation of what I might get in return.

I believe that building a website for you will lead to incredible opportunities, connections with people and ultimately – success. A website for you to communicate who you are and what you do with the world is one of the most powerful tools we have in our times to connect with people and share what we have to give. Whether you have a small business, a cause you are passionate about, artwork you would like to sell or share, or another idea for a project but aren’t quite sure where to begin – a website can be the first step in seeing your vision come to life.

It is my honor and joy to offer my service freely to all who would benefit from having their own website.

Please contact me with the information below or view some of my work.





133 thoughts on “About Me and My Service to You

  1. Hey Jack! Nice to meet you and thanks for commenting on my blog!

    I LIKE YOUR WORK ETHIC! I write for free, too. I’d love to “make a living at it” in some respects, but when I start going there in my head, the writing tends to dry up! And so far (for most of the last five years) I’ve done just fine without putting it up for sale.

    I do, however, want my ideas to have an influence, because they are really good ideas! Why else would I love this stuff so much? 😉 Getting some help to make that happen would be fantastic.

    Please let me know if you’re interested and have some time. You can reach me at millardjmelnyk@gmail.com and/or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/millard.j.melnyk.

    Regardless, I enjoyed your comments and look forward to getting to know you as we ponder life and its fascination… 🙂


    • Awesome! I am actually writing my next book which will be titled “Making A Living By Giving” or something like that 🙂

      Have you ever put your writings into an ebook? It’s a simple way to offer your writings (what you do) and by making your book “donation based” people could support your writing financially if they wish, and perhaps this would also free you to focus solely on writing and let the money worry about itself 🙂

      In other words, writing for free but offering others the opportunity to give as you are giving what you do.


      • I think of my blog posts as one way I’m giving back at this time in my life. Passing along more about what happened to me along the way from there (childhood) to here (retired and finally free to tell the truth about parts of my life that were difficult). Many people have helped me get to this point in my life. Some invited me to witness their journeys. Others helped me navigate my recovery. I also want my children and grandchildren to know what it was like for me when I grew up, how it affected me as an adult, and how I’ve dealt with some of the challenges. Thanks for asking!


  2. Jack, Thanks so much for following my blog; it’s great to meet you. What a cool set of services you provide to others. I’ll definitely send people your way as I encounter them. Big, warm hugs to you, BigLizzy

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  3. Thank you for following my blog, Jack. I like your evolved networking style and the idea of making a living by giving! True grass roots. I may appreciate your help soon with some ebooks I want to make. All my best, Jane

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    • That would be so much fun! I recently edited and formatted an ebook of poetry for a friend, which is doing quite well. We set his ebook at a “pay what you want” price and people have been incredibly supportive of his writing in their “purchases.” I’d love to create an ebook for you out of the material you have. Feel free to email anytime: saunsea@outlook.com


  4. What a joy! It’s great to stumble upon your blog. Happy to land here. Your knowledge is indeed a gift, and so are you! Thank you for the follow and for liking my post! So, I’ll be stalking around your site.

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    • Thanks so much! For me, creating websites has always been about much more than the website itself. Anytime I’ve had an idea about a project, a cause, or something else, I simply start making a website to get the idea out in a visual form. This has always helped me develop vision for things, even if the website itself isn’t something that I might develop into a business or organization, it’s like taking action to see what an idea might turn into, as an architect might sketch ideas they have, developing them until they find the one that works perfectly.


  5. Thanks for visiting my site and leading me back to yours. It’s wonderful of you to be willing to help out in this way. My site is in reasonable shape at the moment (not great, but supporting my efforts adequately), but I’ll certainly keep you in mind for non-profit groups and others for whom this kind of assistance would be wonderful.


  6. Well, thank you the the follow and the reminder of what I used to do myself! 😉 Back in my ancient webmaster days I volunteered for a few different religious and NFP local charity sites. Of course, I wasn’t disabled and living penny to penny then and could afford to buy the software I needed to help do the design work from home while working corporate sites at work. I miss those days!

    If you run up against any NFP charity sites that occasionally need original content, need content re-written, or ideas for content, give me a shout, please! I would love to get back into the “giving” side of the internet, but all I have to offer now is the ability to write and do ancient and basic HTML coding by hand. All my photoshop and imageready software is older than dinosaurs and doesn’t even work on modern Os any more, but I am more than happy to humbly offer what writing skills I may possess!

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    • Thanks Stella!

      There was an apple tree that I walked pass one day. I grabbed an apple, and ate it. It was delicious. The tree didn’t ask me for payment, even though it had done all of the “work” in growing the apple.

      I liked how the tree did business. 🙂


  7. I wish you good luck with your business and if I decide to expand my format, I will be in touch. But, if you’ve chosen to follow my blog because it’s content resonates with you, I am more pleased. Thank you.


  8. Hi Jack, thank you for liking my post “The heart of Lucy”.

    Walking and contemplation? It appears we are kindred spirits.

    Gift economy? Are you familiar with Charles Eisenstein’s “Sacred Economics”?

    It is always deeply inspiring to find someone practicing what he preaches.

    Peace be with you.


    • Indeed! Let me know if you’d like a copy of my ebook which includes more of my old philosophical writings. You can get it either by clicking the book cover or I would be happy to email a copy of it to you if you’d like (saunsea@outlook.com).

      Yep, I have read Eisenstein’s book, Sacred Economics. For many years I have wanted to simply do the things I do with the abilities. knowledge and experience I have, and give that away completely for free, relying on others who find value in what I do to give back if they wish. It’s a very freeing way of doing “business”, I find, and would like freedom to be in every facet of the way of life.

      It can be difficult to break away from that inclination we have in our kind of culture of needing to be paid before we do something for someone else. Some call this “charity” but I call it a more natural way of life that builds trust and deeper relationships with one another, which I think we all need.

      I greatly look forward to our future interactions and dialogue,



  9. Thanks for following my blog Jack, your sites look great and by giving as you do you will receive far more in return I’m sure. That’s the law of attraction!


  10. I would love some insight on my site. I do it for fun and not profit. Any suggestions? Sincerely, Barry. I also wrote a book on a serial killer and called it The Record Killer. If you wish to read it let me know and I will send it to you gratis.


  11. Thanks a lot Jack for following my blog. In fact you are the first person who followed my blog and being a newcomer in this field of blogging, I really appreciate your kind gesture which has boosted my spirits a lot.

    Your attitude towards the work you do is amazing and truly inspirational. It feels good to be connected to people like you who have such positivity in their lives. Keep going. All the best. !
    I will definitely contact you whenever I need help regarding my blog website. Thanks again.


  12. Hi Jack. I’m glad you enjoyed my piece on technology and Zen. I see we have interests in common. Your web work is extraordinary. See you around. _/\_


  13. Hi Jack, thanks for following my blog Earth Mother Divine Sage. I think the work you are doing is fantastic. It is right in line with how the universe is guiding all of us at this time. We have a need to help each other therefore helping humanity. I applaud what you do.

    Earth Mother Divine Sage.


  14. hello jack!

    I really and gladly appreciate u following my webpage! I really admire the work ur doing (giving advice where one has difficulty at times) .

    I hope u come back to visit my page often ; and i would more than gladly appreciate ur input on my progress from time to time! Hope u enjoy my poetry as many others! Thank u once again!


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