Life On The Wind: Travel and Permaculture Documentary

I’ve recently launched a new website for a great group of guys who are bicycling from Seattle, Washington to Trinidad (island off of the Venezuelan coast).

They will be moving there to learn and begin the art of permaculture (permament agriculture).

Check out the website I’ve created for their journey and film at


If you would like me to build a website for you, let’s get started!


Belletristic: A collection of old and new.

belletristiccoveroldnewCanaan Sanders is an author, poet, and musician living in Redding, California. It was an honor to edit, format, and create this eBook for him to offer his collection of poems to the online world.

Check out this eBook at

Canaan Sanders


Canaan Sanders is an author, poet, and musician living in Redding, California. Check out the website I’ve made for him to sell and share his eBooksof poetry and music at


iRemember The Music


iRemember The Music is a not-for-profit with a mission to help people who suffer from memory-loss; reclaim their memories through the power of music.

It has been an honor to create the website for


Deep Deuce Grill

deepdeucegrillDeep Deuce Grill is an American bar and grill located near downtown Oklahoma City in the historic Deep Deuce district. Their website is simple and informative with many great photos of their delicious dishes. When I visited them I tried their “Pittsburgh Steak” (steak & cheese sandwich, something that always jumps out to me off of any menu) which was absolutely incredible.

You may view the website I created for them at or see their menu here.